TDF Conveying system New Page Mill, Rumford, ME

Installed conduit and cable tray on conveyors. Wired motors and controls back to existing MCC and PLC cabinets Installed devices and instruments on conveyors Installed and wired camera’s Installed lights and receptacles on conveyors. Installed grounding system. Reefed lighting transformer and panel. Assisted in start up and checkout

26 and 27 Super Calendars calcoil installation

Installed 13,800 to 480 volt transformer, Primary and secondary switchgear in new Electric room. Installed cable tray and pulled in 13,800 volt feeder cable 925’ from existing substation to new primary gear. Installed stress cones on ends of feeder both ends. Installed MCC sections in new room and wired back to secondary gear. Fabricated and installed new PLC cabinet in new room. Installed new lighting transformer and panel in room and wired. Installed and wired 2 new cd web manager cabinets in new room. Installed cable tray from new room to 4 locations of new calcoil beams. Wired up calcoil beams power and control. Assisted in start up and check out

North end crossover over track upgrades

Fabricated and installed new analog control cabinet. Fabricated and installed several stands for cameras, lights sensors and limit switches in field. Installed new raceways for cables to devices from existing plc and new analog cabinet. Assisted in start up and check out

Cogen Biomass feeder replacement

Installed 2 new Merrick control panels in field. Installed raceways and wiring to 3 motors from each panel Installed and wired limit and proximity switches on feeders. Wired up 2 new drives located in new Merrick panels. Installed new multi conductor cables from new Merrick enclosures to existing cabinets in BMS room and terminated them. Assisted in start up and checkout

Mill wide lighting replacement

Replaced 1200 high and low bay light fixtures with 4 foot fluorescent light fixtures in several areas of mill. Lights were in storage as well as process areas. Installed new conduits and wire in paper machine areas. Installed new fs boxes and twist lock receptacles in most areas.

Cogen sandwich conveyor

Installed conduit, cable tray and channel to motor and instrument locations. Pulled in IAC cables and single wire in conduits. Terminated motors, Motor control center buckets and devices in field and in PLC cabinets as well as Honeywell cabinets. Assisted in start up and checkout

C- Recovery Precipitator SIR 4 Installation Installed 2 units on top of precipitator Rigged into place. Installed bus duct from units to preceptor Buses. Installed copper tubing in bus duct. Installed and terminated all wiring for SIR units. Assisted in start up and checkout.

Miscellaneous valve jobs

Ran wiring to valves in tray, channel and conduit. Ran tubing tray for air supply. Ran tubing for air supply to valves.

Several camera installation jobs

Installed conduit and cat 5E and Cat 6 cables for network camera installations. Made brackets to hold cameras and installed brackets. Installed cameras on bracket and install RJ45 connectors on ends of Cat 5E and Cat6 cables. Also ran conduit and pulled in fiber optic cable for long runs more than 300 feet.

15 PM drive replacements

Unwired existing machine drive cabinets. Rigged Existing drives out of room. Rigged new drives into room. Set new drives in place. Rewired new drives. Assisted in start up and checkout.

Transformer change out 15 PM

Unwired 13,800 volt primary switch Unwired 480 volt secondary switch Moved primary and secondary switch away from existing transformer. Rigged old transformer out of room. Rigged new transformer into room. Rigged new transformer into position and bolted to floor. Reset primary and secondary gear. Rewired primary and secondary gear. Grounded new transformer. Assisted in testing for rotation and start up.

Tree removal 2400 volt line

A tree fell across a 2400 volt feeder cable into the river. We put a boat in the river, cut the tree from the 2400 volt line, freed the line from the tree, then re-hung the line back onto the existing wooden poles.