The hydroelectric project has installed capacity of 2.196 Megawatts, which will power 975 Vermont homes with clean, renewable energy. The power is supplied by 12 turbine - generators with six units in each array. Water from the reservoir flows
through the turbine (runner) causing it to rotate, spinning both the turbine and generator, which produces electricity.

Currently, WMVE Was hire by Eaton to install the power system.

The Army core had an existing flood control dam that Obermyer and Eagle Creek teamed up to install 12 new tubines on the existing gates.

A new control building was built to house the new switch gear as well as the 12 dc inverters, power panels, plc. 21 pcv conduits where installed from the new control build to the existing bridge then 24” cable tray was run under the existing bridge 340’ then half way around the tower. Then two 12” cable trays where run 100’ verticly down the town at the base of these two 12” trays a steel bracket was anchored to the tower to hang the cables from to create a festoon system that will allow the new steel structure to raise and lower in the water.

Existing 260' tall tower and 320' bridge

Underground conduits from control building to the bridge being poured in concrete

Underground conduits entering control building

Snooper truck being used to install cable tray system under bridge

Staging suspended from platform 280' above the water by four cables used to install two 12' cable trays down the tower as well as it was used to install the 12 new cables into the tray

New 12 pole power line extension down to new control building (The rainbow hopefully is showing Eagle Creek's new pot of gold)

Tower with cable tray and cables mounted

New 24" cable tray with cables being installed below bridge

4/0 cable four pounds per foot being lifted with crane and installed into steel tower

Lifting cable with crane to install in steel tower

Installing cable down steel tower to turbines 100' below

Cable exiting the steel tower tube to get routed to the turbines

New DC inverters being delivered and installed into new control building

Cooking lunch for the crew

Having a barbecue for the crew