Screen Room MCC and feeder replacement

Changed out a nine section motor controlled center. Installed two new 500 MCM feeder cables 600 volt 925' per cable. Had to run new cable tray on roof and down side of building.

Installed new Eaton ark flash MCC units switch gear. Removed existing 9 sections from the screen room load center, installed new 7 section Eaton ark flash MCC. This required new feeder cables pulled from the pulp mill load center. The new cables were 3C500 each, 950’ each pull. Had to install 200’ of new 24 SS tray to get the cables into the pulp mill electric room. Lime Kiln NCG Instrument Upgrade: installed electrical system for 30 new instrument devices on the lime kiln NCG system. 5KY Switch Gear Line Up: changed out existing 5KV, 10 section line up with new Eaton switch gear.

Hanging staging installed to install the new tray and cable

20' x 24" stainless steel tray being lowered down to hangers below

The WMVE crew that installed the new tray and cables

Rope pulled getting ready to pull in new cable

Pulling the new feeders in the super tugger

Installing the new 24" cable tray with hanging staging

500 MCM cables being lowered down the vertical cable tray


Turn-key project teaming with The Fitch Company and Eaton Electrical

2 MVA transformer change out. We needed to disconnect the existing transformer. Assisted with rigging, removed the transformer and installed new transformer on the existing base. Had to modify the 4" aluminum tube bus to fit new transformer.

Removing 4" bus

Removing 4" bus

Installing bushings into new transformer

Fabricating new 4" bus

Easton and WMVE work trailers

WMVE work trailer with the new transformer shown to the right of the trailer

Roll-wrap system PLC upgrade

WMVE The original PLC system was a Modicon . This system is out dated…and no longer supported spare parts. We changed this system out and installed a Allen Bradley system. There were 12 remote racks with 12,000 points. These racks were changed out over multiple eight hour shut downs.